Get off my lawn

Had the brilliant idea of taking the nighttime dose of my seizure drugs earlier and it’s totally messed up my sleep cycle. Apparently when you hit sixty your body rejects any change just out of spite. Get off my lawn, it’s yelling at me. Probably a Trump supporter, too.

Anyway, going to bed again. I think it just woke me up to watch Fox And Friends.

Panic in Seizure Park

(Between health insurance in 2014…I spent over $8,000 on seizure meds that year.)

Off for more solid gold epilepsy medicine. This is like a heroin habit. Panic in Seizure Park. I prefer to go to 24 hour pharmacies late at night for the creepiness factor. Scoring Tegretol from sleazy pharmacists. OK, they’re not sleazy, but this shit is expensive. If I were Philip Seymour Hoffman this would be considered cool.