let the brain settle itself down

[Email from February, 2006. Reading this now I can’t believe I didn’t apply for disability. Instead I toughed it out as the increased medication slowly settled things back down. Took only a year….though the damage was done.]  

My epilepsy’s been messing with me pretty hard and writing is dicey and any intellectual discourse more so….which kinda scotches a lot of our conversations! Feeling slowly better….I suddenly developed an incredible stammer which is almost completely gone and my memory seems to be returning pretty much intact. I had lost my ability to read other people which was a little unnerving…that seems to be coming back. I still have a reduced depth perception (mainly over long distances) which is always cool at first but gets old. The limbs keep going numb, the skull tingly, I get really tired. Been losing weight which is nice. Libido’s fine. And I am whining about myself a lot which is exceedingly rare so enjoy it while you can.  All I can say is that seizure disorders are overrated as a spiritual vocation. There are lots of things more fun to do.

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